Encrypted containers for secure file transport

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Zed!: Encrypted containers for secure file transport
Encrypted containers for secure file transport

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updated : 05/02/2012

Use Zed! encrypted containers to protect your file transports regardless of the method used (email attachment, USB stick, removable device, file transfer, etc.).
.zed containers are like "diplomatic suitcases" because they contain sensitive information only their recipients are authorised to read.

User-friendly and intuitive

Encrypted container use is very intuitive. The style and the feel of these "pseudofolders" make them very similar to the native compressed (.zip) files of Windows.
In just one click, the user creates a container to which he add folders, files, and accesses. The .zed is ready to be sent, the files are encrypted. Zed! is capable of transporting an entire tree structure, with no limitation on volume.

File compression

Zed! technology includes a compression algorithm that reduces the total size of the encrypted container.

Different access key formats

Zed! uses keys, either in the form of passwords, agreed upon with a correspondent, or in the form of RSA certificates (certificate files or LDAP directory).

Integrated password wallet

When the sender has no certificate for the recipient, they can create a password for this correspondent and store it in their secure password wallet managed by Zed!.


A recovery plan can be configured by the company. It will be automatically and systematically applied by Zed! to enable the Security Officer to recover files.

Freeware for an encrypted response

To allow users to exchange Zed! encrypted containers with their external contacts, Prim'X has made a free version, called "Zed! Limited Edition", available to everyone. This version is used to read encrypted containers and modify their content to ensure responses are encrypted.

EAL3+ Certificate and Standard Qualification

Zed! has obtained the EAL3+ Common Criteria Certificate and the Standard Level Qualification from the ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency). Zed! is also listed in the NATO catalogue.



Operating system: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Seven & Windows 8 (32bits et 64bits).
User languages:  English,  French,  German,  Italian,  Dutch,  Spanish,  Japanese.


Technological, hardware and software compatibilities


  • PKCS#11
  • PKCS#12
  • X509
  • Microsoft CSP
  • LDAP
  • PKIx

Algorithms used:

  • AES (128 to 256 bits)
  • RSA (1024 to 4096 bits)


  • Windows, Novell and UNIX (NTFS & Samba).


  • Terminal Server and Citrix.

Tokens / smartcards:

  • ActiveCard
  • Aladdin
  • Axalto/GemPlus/Gemalto
  • Bull
  • Rainbow
  • ...any token complying with PKCS#11 standards

Zed! Product Sheet Latest update: 7 July 2017

Introduction to Zed!:
Like a "diplomatic bag", the encrypted .zed containers can be used for exchanging sensitive files securely with an outside party.


Zed! Programming Toolkit

The different sets of functions and interfaces exposed in this API Toolkit enable applications to generate and manage encrypted containers, automatically, transparently, and very easily.

This kit provides all the needed functions to create encrypted containers, manage files and folders, and manage cryptographic accesses to these containers.

Your application can use OLE Automation, VBScript, ActiveX interfaces or can directly access the DLL functions and can be written in any language (C/C++, C#, VisualBasic, VBScript, etc.)


Managing containers

  • Creating new containers,
  • Opening existing containers (with credentials),

Managing accesses

  • Adding password accesses to containers,
  • Adding certificate accesses to containers,
  • Removing accesses,
  • Enumerating accesses,
  • And getting accesses detailed information.

Managing files and folders

  • Creating folders and subfolders in containers,
  • Adding files to containers,
  • Extracting files from containers,
  • Enumerating files and folders,
  • Getting attributes and file information,
  • Renaming, deleting, moving ...


The toolkit gives access to the features embedded in a Run-Time Product, such as ZoneCentral, ZoneExpress, or Zed!.

Your application uses programmatic interfaces exposed by a bridge component, the zedx.dll dynamic library, supplied with this toolkit. This component is also an ActiveX Component.

When the application calls some programmatic interface, method or function, the bridge submits the operation to the Run-Time Product.


Operating System: Windows Seven, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 or Windows 2000 [SP4]
Run-Time Products Requires ZoneCentral, ZoneExpress, Zed!, or Zed! Limited Edition.

Minimal versions: Versions 3.0, starting from build 502.

DLL/ActiveX Requires zedx.dll.

FREEWARE: Zed! Free for encrypted data exchange

Zed! Free

In order to allow users to exchange Zed! encrypted containers with outside contacts, Prim’X Technologies provides for use by anyone a free and multiple-platform version called Zed! FREE".

This version can be used for creating or opening encrypted containers and working on the content, in order to send subsequently an encrypted response.

Download Zed! FREE

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