ZedMail : Protégez vos données, là où elles résident !

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ZedMail : Chiffrement des messageries d'entreprise
ZedMail : Chiffrement des messageries d'entreprise
Encryption of corporate email
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ZedMail in detail

ZedMail protects the confidentiality of data exchanged by email. Integrated in your email application, it automatically encrypts and decrypts the messages you exchange. Email access is restricted to authorized and identified recipients only. ZedMail is easy to use for regular exchanges with colleagues, clients, and partners.

End-to-end encryption

The user sends their email as usual, the body of the message and any email attachments are automatically and transparently encrypted.

On reception, the email is decrypted locally and the original message is reconstructed.

…with user secrecy

Messages are encrypted and decrypted with the password or the certificate of the sender and the recipient. These secrets are consequently not handled by third party machines/software (VPN, encryption units, etc.); this ensures content can only be read by key holders (Right-to-Know).

Integrated in the corporate email application

ZedMail is integrated in the corporate email tool and has no impact on its operation. Once the user is authenticated, encryption/ decryption takes place automatically. Messages transit encrypted over the network and through the email server.

Secure exchanges and synchronisation with mobile terminals

ZedMail is compatible with the push-mail features of corporate email applications: encrypted messages received on the user's mobile terminal will be decrypted locally.

Secure exchanges with partners

To exchange encrypted messages with correspondents outside the company, Prim'X proposes its "Zed! Limited Edition" freeware. This freeware makes it possible to read encrypted messages and attachments regardless of the recipient's email application and, if required, encrypt the response.

Data compression

ZedMail features a data compression function to reduce the total size of the encrypted message (message and attachments).

Encryption by certificate

To encrypt emails, ZedMail uses recipient certificates, which it automatically searches for in the company's usual directories (AD, LDAP) and in the user's personal certificate stores.

Integrated password wallet

When there are no certificates available for the email recipient, ZedMail automatically generates a password for that correspondent and stores it in a secure password wallet it manages for the user. The sender can therefore send emails to the recipients of their choice with no further intervention.


A recovery plan can be configured by the company. It will be automatically and systematically applied by ZedMail to enable the Security Officer to recover messages.

Easy deployment and administration

ZedMail installation on workstations is compatible with administered installation tools (SMS, etc.).

The security policy that applies to the email application is defined by the Security Officer via Windows Security Strategies (Policies).

Proven technology, certified EAL3+ and Standard level qualified

The ZedMail solution is developed based on Zed! encrypted containers technology, already widely and successfully deployed by Prim'X. The Zed! product was awarded EAL3+ certification and Standard Qualification by the ANSSI (French Network and Information Security Agency).

Complementary infrastructure protection

ZedMail can function as standalone or in conjunction with all Prim'X encryption software to ensure comprehensive protection of corporate infrastructure data.

Operating system:  Windows XP (v5.0 only), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10+ (32bits & 64bits).

Messaging Applications: Outlook Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2016.

User languages :
  • V5.0:   English,  French,  German,  Italian,  Néerlandais,  Spanish,  Japanese.
  • V6.1:   English,  French,  Spanish,



Technological, hardware and software compatibilities


  • PKCS#11
  • PKCS#12
  • X509
  • Microsoft CSP
  • LDAP
  • PKIx

Algorithms used:

  • AES (128 to 256 bits)
  • RSA (1024 to 4096 bits)


  • Windows, Novell and UNIX (NTFS & Samba).


  • Terminal Server and Citrix.

Tokens / smartcards:

  • ActiveCard
  • Aladdin
  • Axalto/GemPlus/Gemalto
  • Bull
  • Rainbow
  • ...any token complying with PKCS#11 standards


Product Sheet Latest update: 7 July 2017

Discover ZedMail in a few lines: ZedMail, encryption software, is easy to use for regular exchanges with colleagues, clients, and partners..

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