ZoneCentral: protect your data wherever they may be!

Apply security protection automatically on laptops, desktops and servers...

ZoneCentral: data encryption software
ZoneCentral: data encryption software
To protect your data wherever they may be!

ZoneCentral in detail

Apply encryption automatically on laptops, desktops and servers...

ZoneCentral is the new-generation corporate security product that is easy to deploy, automatic for the administrator and transparent for the user. This solution, which offers high-grade security levels, encrypts data so that only authorised and identified users are able to access them. All this is free of any constraints in terms of organisation: ZoneCentral protects files and folders wherever they may be stored. It encrypts the swap file and deletes the temporary files by wiping. ZoneCentral is certified Common Criteria EAL3+ and has obtained Standard Level Qualification from the ANSSI.

Stand-out functions

  • "In-place" encryption, on-the-fly
  • Encrypted e-mails and containers for secure exchanges
  • Encryption of the browser cache (intranet protection) and of the swap file (virtual memory)
  • Possibility to encrypt the user profile (My Computer, Desktop, etc.), including when roaming
  • Possibility to encrypt network shares (all kind of server)
  • Encryption management on portable devices (memory sticks, external HDDs, etc.)
Encryption security
  • Cryptographic engine operating in kernel mode to reduce exposure to spywares
  • Keyboard driver preventing the keylogging of confidential codes
  • Signed administration settings (policies)
  • Corporate recovery mechanism
  • User backup mechanism
  • Automatic and secure deletion of files (wiping)
Compare with the functionalities of ZoneExpress

Encryption on-the-fly, transparent for users

The user accesses files as normal with nothing particular to do and without perceiving any difference between the processing of encrypted files and of unencrypted files. All users need to do is provide an access key just once during their work session, to enable the decryption of the encrypted files that they wish to access.

Permanent and automatic protection

The data security plan is determined by the company's security managers. This plan is then applied automatically and systematically by ZoneCentral, with nothing to be done on the part of the users. The files are permanently encrypted (there are no unencrypted copies at any given time).

Unchanged data organisation

The files are encrypted "in-place", wherever they happen to be stored, whether on a workstation or on a data server. ZoneCentral requires no change in the way that data are organised.

Secure collaborative workspaces and network traffic

ZoneCentral encrypts/decrypt files as and when they are used, on the workstation, in the memory. This means that, whether accessing files on a server via the company LAN or else while roaming, all data will transit in encrypted form.

Furthermore, in a collaborative workspace, only users with the appropriate access rights will be able to read the content of shared files.

User access keys

To access encrypted zones, ZoneCentral users the authentication resources already present in the enterprise: passwords, key files (.p12, .pfx), USB memory sticks or tokens (from the main manufacturers), CSP containers or other mechanisms.

This makes ZoneCentral compatible with the standard market PKIs (although their use is not mandatory).

Encrypted e-mails and file attachments

ZoneCentral ships an e-mail encryption service and a complementary service for encrypted containers. Users are able to exchange information with other people, who may or may not be equipped with ZoneCentral. The exchanges may use (shared) passwords or certificates [see Zed! and ZedMail]

Compatibility and cooperation with Cryhod

ZoneCentral is compatible and cooperative with Cryhod for the encryption of disks/partitions with pre-boot authentication.

Flexibility and ease of deployment

The installation of ZoneCentral on workstations is compatible with the administered installation tools (SMS et al.).

The security rules and settings applicable to fixed or portable workstations, shared zones on the network and portable devices are defined by the Administrator using the Windows Security Strategies (Policies). These rules are applied automatically and in real-time by Windows on all devices.

Operation and supervision

With the ZoneBoard console, the security administrator can manage quite simply from his workstation the need-to-know rights for the encrypted zones and shares. ZoneBoard, an application integrated within ZoneCentral, does not require the use of a server.

Data also remain encrypted vis-à-vis the network administrator

Thanks to the "in-place" encryption, there is no change to the way in which resources are processed and administered. Process operators have no access to the data content, which makes ZoneCentral an indispensable component of any outsourcing project.

Even backups can be made in encrypted form, thereby ensuring the lasting confidentiality of sensitive information.

EAL2+ Certificate and Standard Qualification

ZoneCentral has obtained the Common Criteria EAL3+ and Standard Level Qualification from ANSSI in march 2012. This software features in the NATO catalogue.



Operating system
  • Windows XP (v5.0 only), Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10+ (32bits & 64bits).
  • Windows Serveur 2003 (v5.0 only), 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016 (32bits & 64bits).
User languages :
  • V5.0:   English,  French,  German,  Italian,  Néerlandais,  Spanish,  Japanese.
  • V6.1:  English,  French,  Spanish,



Technological, hardware and software compatibilities


  • PKCS#11
  • PKCS#12
  • X509
  • Microsoft CSP
  • LDAP
  • PKIx

Algorithms used:

  • AES (128 to 256 bits)
  • RSA (1024 to 4096 bits)


  • All server systems (Novell, Windows, Unix, NTFS/Samba) reachable by Windows client.


  • Terminal Server and Citrix.

Tokens / smartcards:

  • ActiveCard
  • Aladdin
  • Axalto/GemPlus/Gemalto
  • Bull
  • Rainbow
  • ...any token complying with PKCS#11 standards


Sales documentation

Product Datasheet Latest update: 7 July 2017

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EAL2+ certificateLatest update: 18/12/2008

ZoneCentral has obtained Common Criteria EAL2+certification forZoneCentral 3.1 B533. You can download the certification report.

Standard level qualificationLatest update: 18/12/2008

ZoneCentral has also obtained Standard Qualification from the ANSSI for ZoneCentral 3.1 B533.

Certification reportLatest update: 18/12/2008

ZoneCentral has obtained Common Criteria EAL2+certification forZoneCentral 3.1 B533. You can download the certification report.

EAL2+ certification maintenance reportLatest update: 24/04/2009

In late 2008, ZoneCentral obtained Common Criteria EAL2+ certification for version 3.1 build 533 of ZoneCentral. This certificate is maintained for ZoneCentral 3.1 build 540. You can download the report delivered by the ANSSI.

Security targetLatest update: October 2008 (version 2 revision 6)

Download the security target generated for the Common Criteria EAL2+ certification obtained in December 2008 for ZoneCentral 3.1 build 533.

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